EINSTEIN! ~ Celebrating 100 Years of General Relativity
EINSTEIN! ~ Celebrating 100 Years of General Relativity Tickets

EINSTEIN! ~ Celebrating 100 Years of General Relativity Tickets

Santa Monica Playhouse, Santa Monica
Apr 11, 2015 - Dec 12, 2023
1h 20m

About EINSTEIN! ~ Celebrating 100 Years of General Relativity

It's 1914 Berlin, war is breaking out all over Europe, and a 35-year old Einstein is in the battle of his life as he is in the midst of: colleagues trying to take-over his new theory, an ugly divorce, anti-Semitism, isolated for being a pacifist, bouts of depression, a huge scientific backlash, and trying to keep the relationship with his 9-year old son Hans Albert from slipping away from him forever. Meanwhile, he comes up with a theory that changed they way we live our lives today. "EINSTEIN!" is a true, fully researched, historical drama bringing to light new information about a younger, "pre-crazy" haired Albert Einstein's life as he struggles to prove his theory while ushering in our present Modern Technological Age. This is the story that made his hair "crazy". Told with humor and heart, Jack Fry breathes life into one of the most intriguing icons of all time. This is a multi-award winning and critically acclaimed show with over 17 consecutive sold-out shows at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

VIP tickets include a personalized badge, early entry, your choice of seating, a meet-and-greet with the star after the show and a personalized autographed 8x10 colorized program.

"Everything about EINSTEIN! is pure genius."
DC Metro Theater Arts

"I found this to be a masterpiece."
George Kreskin, Theater Blogger

"Top Ten Shows To See in the New York Fringe - EINSTEIN!"
Producers' Perspective

"Jack Fry's EINSTEIN! is both intriguing and amusing... with precise and changing expressions and accents."
Huffington Post - New York

"Jack Fry will remind you of your coolest teacher ever as he portrays the emotional life of one of the world's great minds with humor and sensitivity."
Theater Easy

" ... a glorious evening’s entertainment, a personal triumph for Fry and for the reality of science we know so little about."
Random Lengths News

“As a writer and performer, Jack Fry has created an Einstein we haven’t see before."
Total Theater

" ... funny, touching and intimate."
Huffington Post

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