Hollywood Ghost Walk
Hollywood Ghost Walk Tickets

Hollywood Ghost Walk Tickets

Hollywood, CA
Aug 1, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023
This town's got more than a few stories.

About Hollywood Ghost Walk

You’ve just walked on stage, staring out into a big empty space of the Avalon Theater, a Hollywood staple since 1927. All of the sudden, applause erupts for you — except there’s no one there, and it’s definitely not a sound guy messing with you. It’s more likely you just got to enjoy someone (who is the question) relishing their television debut, over and over again.

It’s called a residual haunting, something you will hear more about, and maybe even encounter, on this 2-hour Hollywood Boulevard ghost walking tour. Expect outlandish stories (this is TinselTown, after all) based on everyday people’s ghost encounters: haunted pool parties at the Roosevelt Hotel, an impatient ghost of a Warner brother trying to get to his office, and plenty more on a 1.5-mile stretch of this famed thoroughfare that still hosts some of Hollywood’s biggest events.

Expect to learn more about paranormal happenings and ghost sightings at the Chinese Theater, the original downtown LA Pig N Whistle, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and the Knickerbocker Hotel, among others, on the 10 stops.


-Over the course of 2 hours, expect to cover roughly 1.5 miles of the famed Hollywood Boulevard

-Expect plenty of entertaining stories of Rudolph Valentino, the original silent film heartthrob

-Stop at Musso & Frank Grill to see Charlie Chaplin’s favorite booth where regulars insist they’ve seen his ghost

-Hear about the Hollywood Wax Museum seances, and one journalist’s chilling overnight stay

-See where one of the Warner Brothers still showed up to work, even after death, at the Warner Pacific Theater

-Walk by the Knickerbocker Hotel, where Harry Houdini’s wife held a seance to try to receive a message from him

-Learn the lingo: cold spots, ghost light, residual haunting, energy readings, visitation hauntings all explained by your guide

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2 hrs





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