King Hedley II
King Hedley II Tickets

King Hedley II Tickets

A Noise Within, Pasadena
Mar 31, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024
2 hrs & 45 mins (incl. 15 minute intermission)
August Wilson's classic play.

About King Hedley II

King Hedley II continues the stories of characters first introduced in Seven Guitars and shows the tragic realities for Black men in 1980’s, Reagan-era Pittsburgh. After seven years in prison, King attempts to rebuild his life, peddling stolen refrigerators to get the money to buy a video store. But his self-worth is built on self-delusion, and he plants seeds where nothing will grow.

Featuring the continued partnership of Director Gregg T. Daniel and A Noise Within on Wilson’s American Century Cycle.





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