Sleep No More
Sleep No More Tickets

Sleep No More Tickets

The McKittrick Hotel, New York
Apr 13, 2011 -
2-3 Hour Experience
Trust us: you just have to experience this one for yourself.

About Sleep No More

Punchdrunk's SLEEP NO MORE is an award-winning theatrical experience that tells Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Macbeth through a darkly cinematic lens. Audiences move freely through the epic world of the story at their own pace, choosing where to go and what to see, ensuring that everyone’s journey is different and unique.

SLEEP NO MORE as Oz's Guest
As Oz’s guest you will be welcome to go straight to the head of the line for priority entry. The doorman will escort you inside and assist you with complimentary coat check then you will be directed to your reserved table in our Manderley Bar. This does not include food, drink or a reservation at Gallow Green.
SLEEP NO MORE Standard Ticket
Your Standard reservation grants you entry to The McKittrick Hotel at the check-in time that you selected.

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