Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories Tickets

Ghost Stories Tickets

New York, NY
May 19, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023
Scary Stories are an art.

About Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories
From the spooky to the scary, the macabre to the mysterious, the ghostly to the ghoulish, “Ghost Stories” will take visitors on an interactive tour of all things frightful in the Metropolitan Museum. Participants will travel across cultures and across time to see Flying Dutchmen and fearsome plaques, puzzling paintings, and fearful forests. We’ll look at Egyptian, American, and European works of art, to name a few, plus embark on activities and discussions. All the while, we’ll look at how different cultures depict the fearsome and the gruesome, in pursuit of what scares us…and why.

For the spooky season, we've added new tricks and new treats, from works of art we only visit during Halloween season, to new activities and giveaways

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2 hours


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