Mame Tickets

Mame Tickets

42nd Street Moon at The Gateway Theatre, San Francisco
Nov 2, 2023 - Nov 19, 2023
Feast on this iconic musical classic.

About Mame

Feast your eyes and ears, theatergoers! Mame Dennis is here to serve you a banquet of life like you've never tasted before. This iconic dame takes you on a whirlwind tour of life's wonders, all while juggling the newfound responsibility of raising her nephew Patrick. With show-stopping numbers like "Open a New Window" and "We Need a Little Christmas," this is one banquet you won't want to miss. So, why starve when you can feast? Buy your ticket for a seat at Mame's table. Trust us, this is one dinner invitation you don't want to decline.





Performance schedule

Sorry, no performance schedule available.

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